Kids program

We from Rio Jitsu, want to show you, parents and family, the importance of sport for your children and teenagers.
We could start talking about all health benefits of sports such as improving the cardiovascular system, increasing pulmonary capacity, promoting weight control, strengthening immune system, etc., but this is well-known by now. If you are here visiting our Kids Jiu Jitsu program you are aware of those, and these aren’t the only things you are looking for.

Sports for children are much more than exercise, it is the opportunity to learn and improve physical, emotional and social skills, playing a huge educational impact on their lives.
Also, it is extremely important to kids and teenagers to have fun during the sport activity, otherwise they may develop resistance and lose interest.

Our classes are designed to let your children exercise, learn Jiu Jitsu techniques, self defence and have a lot of fun, while developing key traits necessary for their life: discipline, respect, focus, confidence, social skill and character. With the development of those traits, and being part of a community, they will build up their confidence, self esteem, self awareness and reduce their stress and anxiety. That is the differential aspect of our Jiu Jitsu program, it is for body, mind and character.
It is why I want to invite you and your children for a free week trial, so you can see and experience all that our Jiu Jitsu program can offer.
We will happily answer all your questions and concerns.

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